Championship division is ISSMA’s Class A and is based on a school size of 1400 or larger for grades 9 through 12. Only the top choirs in the Championship division are in the night show. That said, a Varsity sized school can choose to purchase tickets and move up to the Championship division; however, a Championship school cannot go down to the Varsity division.


Unisex division is a group of all male or all female performers competing in this separate division regardless of school size.


Varsity division is ISSMA’s Class B and is based on a school size of 1399 or less for grades 9 – 12. The top choirs in the Varsity division compete in the night show finals.


Soloist division is open to both middle school and high school. They compete to be crowned Grand Champion and a chance to perform at the Evening Finals Show on the Main Stage.


Middle School division is open to groups including grades 6 – 8.